The Most Venerable Banabhante - The Enlightened One, this book is the biography of Venerable Banabhante from his childhood to the final state of being an Arahant for those Bhikkhus, laymen, and laywomen who follow him. Banabhante is such a greatest person in the world, who is an Arahant, the perfect embodiment of Buddhist ideas, who discovers the true perspective in life first in the culture of the hill tracts in Bangladesh, and later in many parts of the world. He attained the highest possible apex of human evolution by giving up the false views of greed, hatred, and delusions, and by emptying himself from all selfish services. He is free from the bondage of selfishness and passions.

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Book information:

Book title: The Most Venerable Banabhante -The Enlightened One

Author: Venerable Shobhita Bhikkhu

Translator: Sutapa Barua

Category: English Translated Books, Biography Autobiography Books, English Buddhist Books

Language: English

Book type: PDF

Pages of the book: 158

Quality: High quality, no watermark, bookmarked (table of contents)

Book size: 6.57 MB

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