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The pdffolder.com is a PDF book downloading and sharing site. Here you can get different genre PDF books in English, Bengali and Chakma language.

Goal of the pdffolder.com

Our goal and objective is to attract the readers to read the book. In this time of 21st century people are losing interest in reading books due to various reasons. We are trying to share the books of various legendary authors and popular and useful books to the readers. That's why we launched this PDFFOLDER site so that readers can read PDF format books on computer, tablet and mobile. It is like trying to attract the readers to read the books and on the other hand, it is also promote and spread of those authors and books.


One of the goals of this pdffolder.com site is to share good and quality PDF books to readers so that they love and get more attracted to reading books. For this purpose we made PDF books by scanning many books and collected many books. These books are quite high quality and almost bookmarked. So download English-Bangla books and share with your friends. Be enlightened yourself, please enlighten others.


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